Frequently Asked Questions.....

Q: Why did you change the prices of all your movies?
DVD sales are not what they used to be with all the streaming sites, etc. So Bob thought it was time to change it up and make it
        easier than ever to own any of Bob's Fantastic Videos!

Q: How can I find all the movies with my favorite model?
Use Bob's new Search feature! Simply type in the model's name you are looking for and hit SEARCH. You will get a helpful
       list of  DVD's   where that model appears. Then just follow the links.

Q: Is it possible to get a special movie with only the model of my choice?
Yes! Bob will be happy to Custom Edit a movie just for you. 
      There may be some additional expense,  but Bob can edit almost anything you can dream up!

Q: I want to see some of Bob's Work but I dont want to wait! How can I get it now?
There are several sites where you can download Bob's footage.  Buy and Download select clips from Bob at: ~ Download Bob's complete movies at AEBN ~ Watch Bob's Films on A-1 National Hot Movies ~         
      Find BOB's Content at Fetish
~ Streaming Smoking VOD at Smoke Signals

Q: What are your most popular movies?
Platinum is the most popular videos Bob offers especially in Video Stores. Online the most popular is the Special Smoking Series.

Q: What is the difference between Bob's House of Legs line and Private Editions line?
They both include the same models, lingerie, stockings etc. but HOL movies are softer.
       Private Editions are more Edgier, Graphic and more Masturbation.

Q: Is it possible to ship this to my work?
Yes! Bob can ship these anywhere you wish!  If you have special requirements, Bob will accommodate  your needs.

Q: Is next day delivery available?
Yes! Bob can ship Next Day Air using UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Additional fees will apply of coarse.