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  HOUSE OF LEGS 30   " Naughty Office Girls " part 2

Naughty Office Girls Part 2

Brittany O'Connell  wants to be naughty for her boss and puts on sexy nylons and opens her blouse for some serious flirting. But the boss ignores her, so the frustrated  sexpot is forced to take things into her own hands!  Cassidy Clay's  car breaks down in front of her boss's house.
She askes to make a call for help, but instead is just tipsy enough from
the party she was at to confide in the boss her secret attraction to him.
It doesn't end quite like Cassidy plans. Joe Lean is a horse lover, returning from  the stables, and becomes a modern day cinderella  as she transforms herself from jeans and boots to make up and silks.
Stacy Burke  and Tanya  Danielle are miffed that  the boss chose the "younger babes" for the upcoming business trip.  The agitated  super MILFS really let the boss have it but good.  Finally Jessica Valentino looks all shy and demure, but she is the "prize" for a new client who needs some "convincing" to finish a deal. Jess puts on a sexy show and opens things
wide for  negotiations!


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