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HD 1080x1920

L  -  17  -  54  

" Love My Lingerie, Love Me " with Angelica Saige and Odette de la Croix

Odette has a secret... dressing up in sexy vintage hosiery and lingerie, especially if it belongs to Angelica, her roommate. One afternoon she gets caught in the act, but turns her nervous embarrassment into opportunity.  Ever horny, Odette starts by putting on a flirtatious and seductive show, and concludes by getting her hands all over Angelica's tired and aching body.  The 'hands on' message turns more sensual and sexual as clothes disappear and feelings grow from relaxation into total arousal.  But Angel is nervous and confused and afraid to let things happen too quickly for her emotions, and asks Odette to stop. A few days later, however, Angel confesses to her roommate that she once had a lesbian encounter, and enjoyed it very much. That opens the door to more touching and rubbing and finally both girls give in to their surging passions, and Odette makes love to Angelica right on the glass dining room table.

There's no holding their passions back now, as their love for lingerie transforms into steaming love for each other!

(65  min )

Price-$22.22 + shipping

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