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Melissa Jacobs steals the show with her smoking and also with her sexy teasing.  Missy just gets hotter and hotter and hotter in her 3 scenes, no easy trick when she opens the film totally naked except for black nylons  and masturbates as she smokes her Marlboro GOLD short.  That kind of an opening is a tough act to follow, but  Marlena tries really hard and gets herself off with lots of deep finger penetration  between her two smokes.  Marlena’s scene is close and intimate and  very sexy as she purrs to the camera, also dressed only in black rh&t nylons.   Melissa returns and stands  before her mirror, smoking a long sleek Capri and practices  her sexy expressions  and allows  you to eavesdrop on her private moments.
Jayden Cole accepts a challenge that  she truly enjoys,  to smoke one cig from each of four packs that surround her ashtray.  She gets down to the task,  looking so cool in hat, pants  with nylons hidden underneath.  As she works thru each smoke the clothes disappear and the eye candy gets sweeter!    Melissa brings this DVD to a screaming conclusion, in what has become a cherished moment for her, her first on camera squirting orgasm.  Each of her smokes  is  worked into the fabric of the scene and blends almost invisibly, as she crosses a threshold of her sexuality and joyous release  in the end.   She enthusiastically talks about how intense it was and how she could feel it’s intensity as she basks in an  afterglow smoke.
This film is warm, teasing and fun to watch,  but also full of hot sex and Intimate close ups. 
(Feature 86 min  DVD 114 min
  Price-$40.00 + Shipping

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